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dog cat and beyond

"We're not just a Pet Supply Store!"

We are so much more. Things for your pets, your home and plenty of gift ideas!  New products added often, so check us out on a regular basis.We're passionate about bringing beautiful, quality products to your pets and home.
Our Short Story : )

I was working in the corporate world most of my adult life and felt I needed a change.  I loved spending time with my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Skippy and Jennifur (yes that's the way she spells it), so I decided to move into the pet business world.  I started out working at a doggie daycare, that's where I found an interest in grooming dogs.  This grew into my own dog grooming / pet sitting business, taking care of both dogs and cats. This only expanded my love for all pets.  Again, we were at a growing /changing stage and the little pet sitting business was now Starbarks Pet Services, a dog grooming / pet supply store, in Westchester County, New York.


Skippy and Jennifur

After some health issues and much soul searching my husband, Frank and I deciding to make a simplier life, so we moved down to Delaware!!  We have converted our store inventory into an online store. We hope you like it !!!

We have some sad news, our beloved Skippy has crossed the rainbow bridge.  On November 12, 2014, his year long battle with cancer ended.  What a devistating day : (.  Again I am writing with sad news. On June 16, 2015, Jennifur joined her fur-brother over the rainbow bridge.  She had heart problems since 2006, but her little body could not continue to fight.  She had enormous spirit until the end.  Words cannot express how much we miss them both.

On a happy note I would like to introduce you to our newest family member..... Mickey.  He is a funny, nutty, loving Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that brings new joy to our home.   He loves his bally! 

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated, contact us at




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