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Home Goods

December Special

50% off 

We have Dog Toys that are brand new, never used, but the noise maker stopped working.  Some people and some dogs prefer that.  Check out our Dog Toy page or Sale page for more information and choices.   Also on sale are our Wee Wee pads.  We carry Four Paws and Clean N Go brands of Wee Wee Pads.  Visit our Grooming and Cleaning section, which features other Dog Grooming Products such as Bags on Board poop bags and Spa Lavish Pet Dog Shampoos and Dog Cologne.  We now have LED tube lights at a special price, while supplies last!!!

We're not just a Pet Supply Store....


We have home goods and plenty of  gift ideas for yourself or a friend.  Check out our Dog Store, Cat Store or Beyond Store.


Dog and Cat Supplies

Dog & Cat

We have a variety of pet supplies for your beloved furry family member.  We carry dog apparel, including dog coats, dog sweaters, dog pajamas, dog running suits.   Our Dishes and Bowls can be used by either your dog or cat but some are designed specific for each.  In our Leads and Collars there are lead/collars for both cats or dogs, some fancy, sporty, casual or even rhinestonesTraining aids for dogs. And Beds for cats.

Check out our Store and enjoy your visit.

Gift and Holiday Ideas


In our Beyond Store you'll find our Sale Items, Gift Ideas,  Holiday/Seasonal, Home Goods and Lights section.  Sale Items contains our monthly sales specials.  Check out our Gift Ideas page you may find something for yourself or a friend.  Holiday/Seasonal will have either holiday goods or  seasonal products. Home Goods is where you'll find a variey of products for your home or office. Check out our Store and enjoy your visit.

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