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Pet Seatbelt

Pet Seatbelt

The car harness will keep your pet safe and restrained in your car.  It is safe & easy to use with any standard vehicle seat belt, one quick snap into your car's seat belt. For those quick potty breaks while on the road, this harness quickly detaches from standard leash to seat belt, and vice versa.  the harness is comprised of chest and shoulder straps and adjustable to fit most size pets.  Universal stainless steel hardware.
  • Details

    Sizing Chart; Neck Size, Girth Size, Weight

    X-Small: less then 11", Less than 10", Less than 15 lbs
    Small: 11"-16", 10"-14", 16-30 lbs
    Medium: 14"-18", 14"-21", 30-70 lbs
    Large: 16"-24", 18"-28",70-110 lbs
    X-Large: 18"-30", More than 20", More than 110 lbs
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