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Sparkle Print Collars

Sparkle Print Collars

This Sparkle Print Collar set from East Side Collections with it's sparkle finish shows the sparkling personality of our dogs.  There are three styles to choose from; the Smiley Faces, The Multi-Color Paws and Daisies. 
The Smiley Face collar tells the world that our dog is the happiest. Some humans cannot see the smiley face on our happy ones, so with this collar it's loud and clear.
The Daisies collar is for the dog who likes to stop and smell the flowers, roll in the grass and just enjoys the outdoors. This adorable Daises collar may be just right for them, you can almost smell the daisies.
For the pup who likes to run and has a colorful personality. This Multi Color Paws collar may be the perfect fit for them.
  • Details

    Smiley Face Color - Black sparkle finish collar with Multi Colored Smiley Faces
    Daisies Color - Pink sparkle finish collar with white and yellow daisies.
    Multi-Color Paws Collar - Purple sparkle finish collar with multi color paws

    6 - 3/8" Adjusts 6" - 8"
    8 - 3/8" Adjusts 8" - 11"
    11 - 5/8" Adjusts 11" - 14"
    14 - 1" Adjusts 14" - 18"
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